Medical Parts Injection Molding Line

Syringe Turnkey Molding Solution
Test Tube Turnkey Production Line

Dakumar belong to the Sino Holdings Group, which has a strong team in R&D, and already being the top important position in medical parts injection molding line field. Since the past decades, we offer customer high quality, high precision medical moulds, and working on high precision injection molding machines, there is great advantage and featured solution for offering market with turnkey production line solution.


The types of medical parts line include plastic syringe barrel injection line, blood PET tube injection line, measuring cup injection line, etc.

For turnkey line, we offer the whole line equipment, including moulds, high speed injection machine, auxiliary equipment, and services.


For moulds:

We have following guarantee: 

*Innovative design solutions

*Advanced technology in multi-cavity up to 144cavity test tube moulds

*High precision tooling performance of moulds

*Fast cycle time with high production capacity of plastic medical parts

*Easy maintenance for syringe mould, test tube mould and so on


For machine:

we recommend customer High-speed injection molding machine.

High speed machine with high speed response accumulator, high energy saving, high electronically controlled unit, high safety and high clamping unit to ensure quality.


For auxiliary equipment:

we can offer auto loader, hoper dryer, chiller, mould temperature controller and other related equipment.


For service:

-Production plant layout service, like product design research and innovation, molds design and mold flow analysis, molds development

-Dust free workshop design service & offer all the equipment

-Project solution layout & Cost estimate service

-Offer all the syringe production line equipment

-After sale installment& training service


We welcome your down visit and would like to develop long term friendly cooperation by our best quality moulds and 100% satisfactory service.