Pipe Fitting Injection Molding Line

PP Pipe Fitting Molding Production Line
PVC Pipe Fitting Molding Production Line
PPR Fitting Molding Production Line
Special Fitting Molding Production Line

Dakumar cooperate with SINO MOULD as an expert provide full set of high quality and professional pipe fitting injection molding line services, with decades of experiences in making PVC and PPR pipe fitting connector plastic injection molding solution, including plastic injection mold, plastic injection machine and some accessories.

As professional pipe fitting mold maker, we have rich experience in making pipe fitting mold, such as PVC pipe fitting mold, PPR pipe fitting mold, U-PVC pipe fitting mold, and any other special fitting mold. We have around 30-50 designer design and analyze the product & mould with professional suggestion for clients. Our QC department will be responsibility for every tooling step and every dimension even for inserts.

Additional Dakumar Machinery co., Ltd specialized in manufacturing different kinds of injection molding machine. We provide customers with a complete set of production line, particularly for our Pipe fitting injection molding line which is much in demand all over Europe, America, Asia and Africa etc. 

PVC material is very special and release chlorine after heating. So the PVC plastic injection molding machines need special screw. Comparing with normal machine, PVC machines have special hard chrome plated screw and nozzle for PVC material. The machine is with safety door have a strictly temperature control. Enlarged hydraulic motor fit the high requirement for PVC plasticization. The machine clamping plate will be stronger than normal machine, and door frame more larger to ensure the hydraulic cylinder able to fit inside machine. 

We will run all the PVC fitting production line in our workshop to ensure all the parts coordinate in best condition before shipping. If there is no technical support in clients'workshop, we also could send our engineer to help. Customer don't need to communicate with many suppliers and spend a lot of energy to it. SINO GROUP knows PVC molds and PVC machine very well, we can help you select the most suitable equipment to meet your requirement. The delivery time will be decreased and project cost will be more competitive.

Filling an empty workshop for customer is our duty to develop an injectionmolding business. We could help clients start from zero and win profit for clients in plastic injection project. We not only provide clients a plastic injection molding mold or machine ,but also a plastic injection molding solution.

If you have any interest, welcome to contact us.